The B. Love Strutters N.Y.B. was established in 2003 by a group of friends who just
wanted to have some fun on New Years Day. A bunch of us had marched in the Fancy
Division for a few years and had a great time.  B. Love Strutters N.Y.B. is a brigade of
the 1st place Murray Comic Club.
Letter from our captain.
Dedicated in the memory of Mr. Richard DeGrouchy


Another great year! We are Still in the winners circle with a 9th out of approximately 40
finish. The weather again was perfect, kids were great and I can’t say enough…what a
great day!

The B. Love Strutters is an exceptional mummers club. Our club consists of many
individuals but what makes our membership unique and special is the common
denominator - we are ALL – FRIENDS AND FAMILY. What makes this day great every
year is that we know how to have fun! It was a fun day!

The B. Love Strutters made mummers history this year and everyone on 2 Street has
been talking about it. This was the first time the Wildwood Tram Car was in the
Philadelphia Mummers parade. I want to thank Patrick Rosenello for lending us his Tram
Car along with the best Tram Car driver in the world, GIGI. Thanks to Kevin, Rick, John,
Steve and all guys at the Wildwood Convention Center for your support and help with this
project. Thanks to the Wildwood Beach Patrol for lending us the cans.

However I hope you guys at WWBP learned from the BLBP. We had the best looking
lifeguards on Broad street – Chip, Swede, Jimmy E, Jimmy Dunn, Paul Lott. Along with
the hottest “Baywatch” chicks ever: Dave Carhart, Big Guy and Bernie. You guys were
studs and the Baywatch guys………hot!

Thanks the Michelle Dunn for making the Baywatch suits and Jimmy for your support as
well. Michelle, you did a great job and we appreciate it.

Thanks to the “waves” – John, Billy and Pete Loftus, Frank White, Brian Brown, Dennis
Bartley and Mike Sanford. You did a great job.

The “Shoebees” – Mick, Debbie, Joey. Kylie, Carolyne

The “Towells”; Scott and Lisa, Matt Milar, Paula, Steph, Connnell, Quinn, and Maura
White, Bridget Carhart, Deborah Crabtree and Mike, Cindy, Larry Lubas, Pat Degrouchy,
Weekender, Danny Leone, Kelly and Laura Mervine, Theresa and Vince, Chrissy, Eloise,
Francine the Pizza girl, Pam Hershman, Andrew Urban and Patrick Gilmore, Isaac Loftus,
To Artie and Dominic, Mike Yuengling, Mike and Deborah, hope you had a good time
your first year.  

Steve Mervine – Ms Wildwood 1907 – thanks Steve for your help with transporting the
Tram Car.

Thanks to Gary Milar for the use of your truck to pull the float, and again thanks to Steve
Cabano for driving the banner car.

Thanks Eloise for the music again, Thanks to Paula and Michelle for the make up and
Fran Seifert for help on the street.  

Thanks to Larry and Michael Lubas for your help at my house with costumes.

Billy Hershman for being a great marshal and all your help behind the scenes. We would
not have been able to do it without you and Joey! Thanks to Jim Emig for your help on the
street – really appreciated it.

RAYS BAR – thanks to Lou, Tony Hamsley, Tony Coach, and Paulie. You guys are
always and truly are the best. Thanks so much for your preparation for the parade and
your support through out the year. And thanks to my man Lars for your DJ entertainment.

And our beach babies and next generation of B. Love Strutters: starting with the surfers;
Matt Emig and Danny Carhart, Bobby Hershman who decorated  the tricycle and all your
help in the garage – thanks Bobby. The B. Loftus contingency: Mike, Johnny, Kait, Cris,
Chrissy, Julius, Devi. And, Mark, Jacob, Cassidy, Brook Dunn, Andrew P, Billy, Kate and
Anna Seifert, Keene White.
And our youngest member, Zack Hershman at 12 months old.

Special mention kids: Ian DeGrouchy the Fudgy Wudgy guy and Sammy the P, the

The garage:
Most don’t get to see the process from start to finish of putting the props and floats on the
street. There is a group of guys in the garage who have been involved since 1/2/06 and
they deserve the biggest thanks: Billy DeGrouchy, Joey Irgantua, Danny, Little Bobby and
his buddies, Paul Lott for help in the garage and all your help with the treasury and
ordering the supplies – Thanks Paul. To the Murray guys who treat us like family – Bobby
Hershman – you are the man, thanks Bobby for everything. You are always a great help.
Jinks, Jerry, Dennis, and Nickey Peligrino – thanks guys not only for the help but for the
laughs. I want to thank Bobby Trama who helped me build the lifeguard stand. Bobby got
1st place captain and 1st place club – Congratulations Bobby on a job well done.

Thanks to Paul and Amanda and Pam for getting the pictures on the website. Check
them out, they are great
Thanks to Joe Maxcy for managing the website

I really hope I didn’t forget anyone… sorry if I did, thank you all.
And finally, thanks to everyone, we ARE a great family and know how to have fun.


Congratulations Richy and Jess Porco and the Murray Comic Club and thanks for having
us in your family.

Keep in touch

Bud Emig
Proud to be your Captain